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President, Managing Member

Kerry W. Boekelheide

Mr. Boekelheide is President of KWB Hotel Partners, LLC. Mr. Boekelheide has over 39 years of experience owning, operating, managing, acquiring, building and selling hotels. 

From 1991 through 2011, Mr. Boekelheide was an owner and President of The Summit Group, Inc. (“SGI”). SGI was the managing member of Summit Hotel Properties, LLC (“SHP, LLC”). SGI, SHP, LLC and their affiliates developed and acquired 94 hotels from 1991 through 2010, 28 of which were sold. SGI managed and operated all of the hotels during this time period. 

In 2011, SHP, LLC merged with Summit Hotel Properties, Inc. (“SHP, Inc.”) which filed its initial public offering (IPO) on February 8, 2011. Mr. Boekelheide served as the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors for SHP, Inc. (NYSE: INN) from the IPO through July 30, 2015, when he retired from that position. 

Prior to forming SGI, Mr. Boekelheide was the President and CEO, as well as a significant shareholder, of Super 8 Management, Inc., which was responsible for the management of over 100 Super 8 Motels located across the United States and Canada. In addition, he held numerous other positions in various companies that developed, owned and operated Super 8 Motels in the United States and Canada.

Our team has been building, buying, owning and operating premium-branded, focused-service hotels for nearly 40 years - and we are REALLY good at it.
- Kerry W. Boekelheide, President, KWB

Career Highlights

  • KWB, LLC/KWB Hotel Partners, LLC | 2014–Present
    Principal and President
  • Summit Hotel Properties, Inc. | 2011-2015
    Executive Chairman of the Board
  • The Summit Group, Inc. | 1990-2011
    1990-2006: Founder, Director, President
    2006-2011: Chairman
  • Summit Hotel Properties, LLC | 2004-2011
    Member of Board of Managers
  • Summit Green Tiger Investments, LLC | 2007–2015
    Manager, CEO and President
    • Developed and sold a biofuel plant
    • Acquired various apartment complexes
  • Summit Capital Partners, LLC | 2003–2015 
    Sole shareholder of broker/dealer company used to raise capital.
    Raised $200M and maintained a private investor base of over 1,000.
  • Super 8 Management, Inc. – 1980-2003
    1980-1988: Shareholder, President, and CEO
    Responsible for the pre-opening, opening and operating of over 100 Super 8 Motels in the United States and Canada
    1988-1990: President and CEO of Super 8 Motels of Canada
    1990-2003: President and CEO of Super 8 Motel Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada
  • Boekelheide-Rivett Developers, Inc. | 1983-1988
    Partner responsible for site selection, financing, and supervising the development of eight Super 8 motels.
  • Super 8 Motels Inc. | 1980-1984
    Corporate Pilot, Certified Commercial Pilot, and Flight Instructor responsible for providing air transportation services for Super 8 ownership and executive team.

Hotel Property Development

Hotel Property Development